Selected Style Reports

  • A Midsummer Afternoon’s Dream

    “Are you sure/That we are awake? It seems to me/That yet we sleep, we dream” William Shakespeare Concept and Illustrations...

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    Malta in Love with a Young Indian Boy. Fashion Concept & Illustrations by Prince of Sun

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    There’s something undeniably romantic about an artist’s studio. They’re always filled with light, and paper covered in scribbles and sketches....

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A traveler seeks a meaning that is beyond the act of going to places; there is something haunting in being able to briefly touch a taste of awe and seeing it slip away a bit further to pursue it for a little longer. Those moments fill your soul, they dress you from the inside. They have the same sound as a sunrise by the sea.

A kingdom of inspiration, the realms of contemporary aesthetics, uniqueness and eyes that travel. Prince Of Sun is a time of enlightenment, it’s inspiration and it’s a new way to look. It’s a moment of awe made of beauty and styling that existed before it was created and it will last forever.