A traveler seeks a meaning that is beyond the act of going to places; there is something haunting in being able to briefly touch a taste of awe and seeing it slip away a bit further to pursue it for a little longer. Those moments fill your soul, they dress you from the inside. They have the same sound as a sunrise by the sea.

A kingdom of inspiration, the realms of contemporary aesthetics, uniqueness and eyes that travel. Prince Of Sun is a time of enlightenment, it’s inspiration and it’s a new way to look. It’s a moment of awe made of beauty and styling that existed before it was created and it will last forever.




Founder & Creative Director


“Dominique was born in Belgium to an Italian father and Belgian mother, but his roots, dreams and memories are elsenwhere”.


Dominique C.J. Masullo, born in Belgium and raised in a historic coastal village near Rome, at age of 19 moved to Rome to study set design at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Roma. During this period, he was deeply inspired by Rome’s Renaissance and Baroque heritage, developing a significant interest particularly in painting and architecture. Whilst as a student from Rome, Dominique travelled to Antwerp, Belgium, where he discovered the up-and-coming Antwerp design scene and the respected Fashion Academy – Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where he applied for a place in the fashion design course. During the course, Dominique has made a few work experiences with some renowned Antwerp fashion designers.



But it was really throughout his Mediterranean travel experiences that Dominique found inspiration and fascination for leisurewear as a comfortable travel-style wardrobe, and for handcrafted ceramic decorative objects. Inspired by travelling and escaping, sea and sky, and sand coloured homes surrounded by pines, lemon and laurel trees, Dominique delivers Prince Of Sun.


Prince Of Sun offers a made-to-measure production that brings Dominique C.J. Masullo’s creativity and expertise with every client needs: Unique and exclusive works come to life, and they are developed on dreams, thoughts and needs. Dominique C.J. Masullo also develops exclusive collections for interior projects in collaboration with interior designers and decorators.

Want to get in touch with Prince of Sun? For any sales and distribution enquiries, press queries, editorial submissions, collaborations please email hello@princeofsun.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


Dominique Christian Masullo