A traveler seeks a meaning that is beyond the act of going to places; there is something haunting in being able to briefly touch a taste of awe and seeing it slip away a bit further to pursue it for a little longer. Those moments fill your soul, they dress you from the inside. They have the same sound as a sunrise by the sea.

A kingdom of inspiration, the realms of contemporary aesthetics, uniqueness and eyes that travel. Prince Of Sun is a time of enlightenment, it’s inspiration and it’s a new way to look. It’s a moment of awe made of beauty and styling that existed before it was created and it will last forever.

Prince Of Sun offers bespoke services with a clear, experienced view of fashion and design environment. We have been to places filling our traveler heart; we know the local flea markets and the high-end brands. Prince of Sun understands design in a unique and collaborative way, that’s why we have a strong focus on building bridges with other professionals to create and share.
We cover all the aspects of the design process, from its conception to its communication. We can help outlining campaigns and collections, as well as offering tailor-made strategic and creative

direction, a fashion environment sociocultural forecast and planning and consulting services. We also advise with materials, colours, seasonal moods and themes direction, always with a view in contemporary aesthetics. Fashion development and interior design, as well as print designing, illustration and graphic artwork for both brands and magazines are also included in the Prince of Sun way of understanding Design as an organic and whole form of uniqueness. Prince of Sun is open to collaborations, projects and commissions. Please contact us here hello@princeofsun.com


Dominique Christian Masullo