A traveler seeks a meaning that is beyond the act of going to places; there is something haunting in being able to briefly touch a taste of awe and seeing it slip away a bit further to pursue it for a little longer. Those moments fill your soul, they dress you from the inside. They have the same sound as a sunrise by the sea.

A kingdom of inspiration, the realms of contemporary aesthetics, uniqueness and eyes that travel. Prince Of Sun is a time of enlightenment, it’s inspiration and it’s a new way to look. It’s a moment of awe made of beauty and styling that existed before it was created and it will last forever.

It was throughout his Mediterranean travel experiences that Dominique found inspiration and fascination for leisurewear as a new comfortable travel-style. Aiming to design his travels clothes, taking as reference the effortlessly shapes of a leisurewear wardrobe, Dominique delivers Prince of Sun. Founded in 2019, and produced ethically in Europe, Prince of Sun’s soft organic cotton jumpsuits, drawstring cotton-silk trousers, relaxed pleated shorts, printed-silk tunic shirts, and waterproof oversized trench coats are designed to fit perfectly with your everyday life.


Alongside our wardrobe, we offer an exclusive ceramic selection. Conceived by Dominique, Prince of Sun’s ceramics are exclusively handcrafted and handpainted by Italian master ceramists. Each a unique objet d’art. The stunning natural treasures and unique architecture of the Amalfi coast and the splendid gardens of the islands of Ischia and Capri inspire this unique ceramic collection.

Want to get in touch with Prince of Sun? For any sales and distribution enquiries, press queries, editorial submissions, collaborations please email hello@princeofsun.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


Dominique Christian Masullo