Sunset Tableware Set

1,150 950


Sunset Tableware Set

1,150 950

Set for 3; 19 pieces.


House of the Setting Sun Tamegroute tableware selectionis an ideal addition to a rustic or contemporary holiday house. This hancrafted exquisite set for 3 person is comprised of one huge candle holder, one server stand, one server bowl, three salade/pasta bowls, one carafe or teapot, three mugs, three starter plates, three soup/pasta plates and three small bowls. The variation of colour, shape and size is the original hallmarks of its crafter, making it a truly authentic piece that those who own it will cherish. Please note that the traditional method in which the ceramics are fired involves stacking which result in tiny ‘scars’ in the glaze making each plate unique.


• Material: ceramic
• Dimensions (cm):

x3 cups: W 8 x D 8 x H 15
x1 teapot: W 19 x D 15 x H 20
x3 plates: W 24 x D 24 x H 5
x3 soup plates: W 23 x D 23 x H 5
x3 salad bowls: W 23 x D 23 x H 9
x3 fruit-cereal bowls: W 14 x D 14 x H 8
x1 server XL stand: W 46 x D 46 x H 13
x1 server salade/fruit bowl: W 37 x D 37 x H 15

• Weight (Kg): 30
• Handmade


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