Mmadi Make as Angelus Soliman: The Grand Master of His Lodge.

Concept & Illustrations by Prince of Sun

©Angelo Soliman. Exotic Prince by Prince of Sun

©Exotic Prince by Prince of Sun. Detail by Cristofano dell’ Altissimo.

©Dennis Speight by R. Mapplethorfe. Portrait by K.J.Marshall

©Exotic Shirt by Prince of Sun. Badin by Omar Victor Diop

©Portrait by Gover Flink. Portrait of a… by Albert Schindler

©Detail by G.Tiepolo. Portrait by Maurice Quentin

©Exotic look by Prince of Sun. Vanitas by David Bailly

©Travel Set with Scarf by Prince of Sun. Travel look by Prince of Sun

©White Cotton look by Prince of Sun. Gold Ring. Portrait by A. Labroue

©Badin by G. Lunberg. Angelus Soliman by Prince of Sun