Just friends? Friends who like to do this

J: If I write, I disturb, If I make a film, I disturb. If I paint, I disturb… and I disturb if I don’t …

P: Jean, let’s disturb! Honestly, I’d like to live as poor man whit lots of money!

A: Ahahah… Pablo! Think rich, look poor!

Concept & Illustrations by Prince of Sun

©Jean, Pablo and Andy, Collage by Prince of Sun

©Look by Prince of Sun. El Taller de Cannes, detail by Picasso

©Models by Prince of Sun. Juan Belmonte by Ignacio Zuloaga

©Ezra and Jean by Prince of Sun. Drawing by Prince of Sun

©L’Oeil cacodylate by F. Picbia. Jean Cocteau. Look by Prince of Sun

©Look by Prince of Sun. Minotaure dans une barque… by Picasso

©Picasso con su hijo Claude. Juan Belmonte. Jean Cocteau drawing

©Claude by Prince of Sun. Torerillos de pueblo, detail by Ignacio Zuloaga

©Mood by Prince of Sun

©Look by Prince of Sun. Porn, from Andy Worhol to X-Tube, by Kevin Clarke

©Love Wall, by Peter Blake. Knitwear by Prince of Sun