Please come back. My audiences miss the white devil in their midst.

RG: You made me see the beauty of the story, of her death. It’s, it’s pure sacrifice. He’s not worthy of it, but what can she do? She loves him so much. It’s very beautiful. SL: Well, yes, to a Westerner. RG: I beg your pardon? SL: It’s one of your favorite fantasies, isn’t it? The submissive Oriental woman and the cruel white man.

Concept & Illustrations by Prince of Sun

©M.Butterfly by Prince of Sun. Chinise Headdress 19th century

©Mme Butterfly 1907

©Shadow Puppet. Earrings Tang Dynasty. M.Butterfly by Prince of Sun

©M.Butterfly by Prince of Sun. Costume from M.Butterfly by D.Cronenberg

©René Gallimard by Prince of Sun

©Still from M.Butterfly by D.Cronengerg

©M.Butterfly by Prince of Sun. Female Warrior Costume

©Postal, China 1909. A Noble Manchu Woman

©M.Butterfly by Prince of Sun. Geraldine Farrar as Mme Butterfly

©Emperor Puyi of China. René Gallimards by Prince of Sun.

©Davida Hesse as Mme Butterlfy. M.Butterfly Costume by Prince of Sun

©R.Gallimard & Song Liling in M.Butterfly by Prince of Sun