The house, sheltered by lemon trees, was an ideal place to escape

 On the side of the Island facing the shore there was the sound of breaking waves on the sand, while on the opposite side the waves crashed against the rocky cliffs: a music background to daily live.

Early lemon-ginger tea was served to me in bed. Breakfast came three hours later. Afterward, I passed the late morning in the sea. Lunch was always a fish dish with delicious side dishes. This meal made a siesta obligatory, and these hours, while I was caressed by the breeze and surrounded by the endless sound of the sea, were the most pleasant part of the day.

From Paul Bowles, August 1996

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Concept & Illustrations by Prince of Sun


©Lemon Summer House and Paul by Prince of Sun

©Summer House, Capri by Prince of Sun

©Cactus Garden & Paul wearing Prince of Sun belted trouser. By Prince of Sun

©Paul wearing a belted-striped trouser; Interior of a Summer House. By Prince of Sun

©Summer Lunch, Procida by Prince of Sun

©Paul wearing Prince of Sun floral shirt, Casa Iris Orbetello. By Prince of Sun

© P.of Sun striped summer shirt; Detail of a Summer House, Sicily. By Prince of Sun

©Casa Iris, Orbetello. By Prince of Sun

©Interior of  a Summer House, Sicily. P.of Sun belted-striped trouser.By Prince of Sun

©Summer Evening by Prince of Sun

©Summer Night by Prince of Sun