Before the Wedding

… When Isaac saw his Love in a field … Isaac took his veil and covered himself …

©Before the Wedding by Prince of Sun

©Before the Wedding by Firs Sergeevich Zhuravlev, 1874

©Isaac’s Veil by Prince of Sun

©The Mariage at Cana by Paolo Veronese

©Love in a field by Prince of Sun

©Wedding Portrait by B. Pauahi. I Coniugi Arnolfini by J. Van Eyck, 1434

©The Groom before the Wedding by Prince of Sun

©From Wedding Photos. A Jewish Wedding by Josef Israels, 1903

©Waiting the Bride by Prince of Sun

©Collage from Folk Wedding Costume by Prince of Sun. Gli Sposi della torre Eiffel by Marc Chagall

©Folk Costume illustration from Albania. The young Groom wearing the veil by Prince of Sun

©Affresco da Pompei, Roma

©The Groom in a Veil and the Bride in an Algerian Wedding Dress

©Plato, Justice Alito and the institution of marriage by Anselm Feuerbach